Long-term relationships provide some of the most rewarding shared experiences, but things don’t always go smoothly. If you develop problems with your spouse or partner, visit Dr. Kristin Tubre, at Tubre Psychological Services LLC in Zachary, Louisiana, for couples counseling. Experienced clinical psychologist Dr. Tubre uses proven therapy techniques to help couples overcome their issues and reconnect. Call Tubre Psychological Services LLC or request an in-person appointment online today to benefit from first-class couples counseling.

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What is couples counseling?

Couples counseling helps people in long-term relationships overcome problems when they experience difficulties achieving a resolution.

Humans are naturally social, and intimate relationships are essential for most people. Living with someone you love provides emotional security and some of life’s most meaningful rewards, so if things go wrong, it can be devastating.

Often, people work together and overcome their problems, even reinforcing their bonds and strengthening their relationships. But if you can’t resolve your differences, talking to Dr. Tubre can help enormously. She has extensive expertise in couples therapy that she uses to help many people save their relationships.

What are the most likely reasons we’d need couples counseling?

Anything could be the source of relationship discord, but the most common issues stem from:

  • Financial worries
  • Communication problems
  • Parenting disagreements
  • Loss of trust
  • Sexual health problems
  • Family conflicts
  • Differing life goals
  • Unfaithfulness
  • Keeping secrets
  • Substance use disorder or other addictions

Often these problems are related. For example, a gambling addiction could lead to both debt and a loss of trust. Other mental health problems can also strain relationships. It can be challenging living with someone suffering from depression, anxiety, or another psychiatric disorder, even though you sympathize with their illness.

Couples counseling can also help people prevent problems in their relationships. Learning to communicate effectively and work together before marriage ensures you can deal with future challenges.

What happens during couples counseling?

Dr. Tubre designs each couple’s therapy to fit their needs. She’s had great success with integrative behavioral couples therapy (IBCT), which begins with an evaluation. Dr. Tubre meets with you and your partner to discuss why you’re seeking help. Then she speaks to each partner individually before bringing you together again.

The evaluation phase provides insight into each person’s perspective regarding the couple’s concerns and goals. Therapy starts with exploring positive and negative issues that reflect patterns in the relationship. You also evaluate how your past experiences have shaped present behaviors.

IBCT aims to integrate change and acceptance as positive outcomes. You also benefit from learning better communication skills and understanding and respecting your partner’s point of view.

Call Tubre Psychological Services LLC to learn more about improving your relationship with couples counseling. You can also request an in-person online.